In early April, Randy decided he wanted to propose to his longtime girlfriend, Sarin, and he wanted to do it in epic fashion. That of course led him to Yogibo, and we were more than happy to help. Ideas ranging from marching bands to people popping out of bean bags were discussed. Eventually, we decided on a big surprise featuring Randy and Sarin’s families & friends hiding in our store while a guerrilla acapella group in serenaded her.

Randy wanted a song that meant a lot to both of them, so he chose Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin ‘Bout You.” From there, we needed to reach out to find the perfect singing group who could provide the performance that the event deserved. Fortunately, being so close to Boston meant we had no shortage of possible candidates. No we didn’t stage “Yogibo Idol” auditions, but we did find the perfect group. Collective Measures, an extremely talented post-collegiate group, answered the bell. They’re also one of the newest members of CASA’s Contemporary A Capella League!

Yogibo Wedding 3

After a couple weeks of practice from the group, and planning at Yogibo Central, we set off for the Yogibo store at the Mall at Rockingham Park in Salem, NH. After some final rehearsals in the store, we quickly huddled all of Randy & Sarin’s friends and family into our backroom!

Yogibo Wedding 4

Sarin was with her best friends for a day at the mall while Randy said he was going rock climbing. They were at the nail salon right next door, so we had to be extra careful! The best part? Only one of Sarin’s friends was in on it.

Once we got the text from Sarin’s friend Laura that they were leaving the nail salon, we sprang into action. Collective Measures scattered around the store pretending to be customers, while Eyal Levy, our CEO, channeled his perfect salesman! As soon as Eyal helped Sarin into a Yogibo Max, Collective Measures started to gather around holding Heart Pillows and serenade her.

Yogibo Wedding 1