Back in April 2015, we were kicking around some fun ideas that could be done with our cool products. After some discussion, we decided that it would be a blast to break the Guinness World Record for World's Largest Bean Bag. We knew it would be tough and take a full team effort, but we were committed to making it happen. Once Guinness told us that the record would require a whopping 35 cubic meters (that's 1,326.01 cubic feet!) of micro beads, we knew we had to get to work.


We spent the next several weeks working out the details. What would it look it like? How would it be transported & assembled? Just how much would this thing weigh? And where would we do the big reveal? In short order resolved these questions and the bag was designed and on order.

Eventually the cover for the future World's Largest Bean Bag arrived, and we needed to assemble and measure it for Guinness World Records. This proved to be quite the task! We set it up outside of our corporate offices in Nashua, NH, which caused a lot of people to slow down and gawk as they passed by. It took a full team of people almost 3 hours just to set it up.


Once assembled, the bag was over 210 feet long and weighed more than 1700 lbs. That’s ¾ the length of a football field! Guinness doesn’t mess around, so there was a ton of measurement, photography, videography, confirmation and documentation required. We even had to break out the surveying equipment and GPS to get the accurate dimensions. It’s still a Yogibo though, so we made sure to spend plenty of time chilling out and relaxing on it before breaking it down.

Roughly a week after submitting about 100 files, documents & photos, we had confirmation that we are now the Guinness World Record holder for creating the largest bean bag in the world! Of course, the next step was to do it all over again for our awesome fans to enjoy.

As you may know, our products provide special comfort to a lot of people on the Autism spectrum. This has allowed us the privilege of frequently working with Autism Speaks. When we were doing the planning for this, it occurred to us that they would be a great partner for the great reveal. They loved the idea as much as we did, so on October 18 we loaded two Yogibo box trucks front to back and headed down to the Greater Boston Walk for Autism Speaks.


We were located right near the walk’s finish line and welcomed thousands of people to come experience Yogibo. Part of the bag was reserved for a fundraiser for Autism Speaks while the rest was left for people to lounge, chill out, and just enjoy. We were able to raise hundreds of dollars for Autism Speaks by challenging people to see how many pictures of Hugibo they could pick up in 30 seconds. Those who got all of the pictures were entered to win a brand new Max, but everyone went home happy with a Hugibo Max. We also ran a contest where people could upload their photos to Instagram using #YogiboAS. The person with the most likes won a $100 gift card. Congratulations to both of our winners.

We met so many new friends who couldn't believe such a large piece of furniture could even exist (let alone be so comfy!). We are incredibly proud to be the Guinness World Record holders to make the largest bean bag ever assembled - and deep down we know that it’s also the most comfortable world record. We’re going to be bringing the record holder to other events and venues across the country and the world, so keep your eyes out and make sure to get your spot on the bag.