Summer is here. College is off, kids are out of school and if you live in the north east (and actually most other parts of the country), you don’t want to waste any of your valuable sunny days! Although home is where the heart is, we have all winter long to spend there and who doesn’t like to travel?! Travel doesn’t have to mean something fancy; it can be a long weekend to the closest beach, travel overseas, getting the family to the big city, camping or following your favorite band from city to city. Being able to see new places, meet fun people, try exotic food and discover new cultures has never been a bad thing.

The only downside of traveling to a great place is the ‘traveling' part. Most people would pay a fortune to be teleported to their magical oasis or beautiful beach and not have to spend hours squeezed in the car or stuck in the middle seat on a 7 hour flight. Why? Because unless you have your own private jet, can afford to travel first class or are fortunate enough to have a spacious car with a built in DVD player, travel is not that comfortable or enjoyable….

Since Yogibo is all about being ‘Shockingly comfortable’ we wanted to make sure the transition to your dream spot is as pleasant as possible. So we wanted to remind you about our best selling travel products:

Yoginap Neck Pillow

Yogi Nap – This deceivingly ‘innocent’ product looks just like any other travel pillow. But, it’s not! The Nap is a great neck pillow which is bigger and more supportive than traditional travel neck pillows. It has the same awesomeness of other Yogibo products with the soft, durable, cotton spandex fabric filled with a combination of frictionless beads and special fibers to give the best balance of softness and support for your neck. And unlike other similar products if you find yourself drooling on your ‘nap’, the cover is machine washable.

Zipparoll – The zipparoll is a great new product which has terrific value as a two in one travel pillow. When it’s zipped closed it creates a great mini roll pillow providing amazing lumbar support as well as ideal support between the knees for those who have knee issues. When it zips open, it becomes a large flat pillow for supporting the whole back that can be put on the car or airplane seat.

Tablo - The tablet is our entertainment center when traveling. Without it, traveling can be really boring. The tablo is the ultimate wedge pillow to hold your tablet at two different angles to keep your hands free! The tablo can also be used as a great pillow to rest the head on. It’s the perfect multipurpose travel accessory.

With all these perfect accessories you won’t hesitate to make your next travel plans knowing you can bring the Yogibo comfiness with you! So find your inner adventure, grab a friend and find out what the big world has to offer!