We are so excited! The newest product from Yogibo is about to take its place in our product line- The Yogibo Fly. The Fly offers you a fun, comfortable and practical place to sit back and relax both inside and outside. That’s right, the new Yogibo Fly is an indoor and outdoor hammock chair that is just as amazing as our Yogibo new generation beanbag chairs.

Enjoy your own personal hammock for relaxation, work, or a siesta in the afternoon! The durable high-quality fabric supports you with foam padding and a sturdy, hardwood hanging structure. Secured safely to a deck or ceiling beam, or mounted to our freestanding support, the Yogibo Fly will keep you happily relaxing in mid-air.

The Yogibo Fly is a new generation, single person hammock, swing and chair. It is made with a durable canvas fabric and can easily be mounted inside or outdoors. The easy-care material is water-resistant and can be wiped off and ready to use once the rain has stopped. This modern day hammock can provide you with a place of comfort and relaxation or a swing for just plain fun.

The Yogibo Fly was put to the test in our offices. We took turns working on our laptops, making phone calls and taking work breaks. We loved pairing the new Fly with our Traybo laptop desk and found we could be super-productive and super-comfortable at the same time. Everyone loved all the ways they could use the new Fly hanging chair.

The Fly is easy to use- simply turn around, hold the lower wooden pole at front of seat with both hands and place it behind your knees. Bend slightly and gently slide into the Fly until your backside reaches the back of the seat, sit back and enjoy.

Lean back, relax and let the gentle motion carry you away to a peaceful place. This hammock chair is adjustable to three relaxing positions. When life requires your attention, getting out of the Fly is as easy as getting in. Simply lean forward and the Yogibo Fly will lift you to your feet. The Yogibo Fly is designed to be completely comfortable and user-friendly. We can’t wait for you to try it and let us know how you enjoy kicking back in this hammock swing.

And you thought you needed a floor to enjoy the awesomeness of Yogibo. Meet the Yogibo Fly- a new way of sitting. Choose from Blue, Cream, Dark Gray, Green or Red and get busy relaxing in mid-air.