Let's be honest here for a second...within a few weeks it's Back to School Season and those warm summer days of pools, the beach, staying up late and hanging out with friends are soon nearing a close. Barbecues and tail gating parties are going to be replaced with homework, tests, school busses and teachers. We're getting tired already picturing that annoying morning alarm clock! UGH.

But hey, why does it have to be all doom and gloom? The school year brings so many opportunities. Learning new things, having amazing new experiences with friends, fun projects, the list goes on! For some of you out there, this new year means finally getting to customize your dorm space, and we've got just the thing to help you get started. Add a little bit of the following Yogibo awesomeness to your new pad and you're sure to start that school year off right!

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 10.06.18 AM

We think there's one thing almost anyone will agree with us on: dorm beds plain old suck. They're either too lumpy, too stiff, too small, blegh. BLEGH we say! We think you'd get a much better night's sleep on our Yogibo Max. It's 6 feet of comfy awesomeness and it can stretch out to 8 feet for you giants out there. Having a study group? Stand this bad boy up and plop it in the corner, it takes up very little space! And it only gets better from here.


Our Cozybo blanket is the comfiest blanket you'll ever experience! Add that to your Max and you'll literally never want to get out of bed! Well...maybe you should. 9/10 professors aren't going to really want to have to hand deliver you all your tests, and you need to get food and take a shower ONCE in a while, right?

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 2.59.03 PM

We'd be kidding ourselves if we said there WASN'T down time in between classes, assignments, lectures. We all sit down to go over the day's lessons and review our work *cough* WATCH NETFLIX *cough*. And we've got just the product for reviewing lessons, writing essays, or doing research in the dorm. The Traybo is the perfect laptop stand for your lap! No more hunching over and sitting at a boring desk, now your bed/floor/yard/crash pad is your desk! Okay, okay we know that the fancy slot for tablets and iPads has a video going in that image but trust us, this comfy bamboo tray with squishy Yogibo cushioning is perfect for those long note-taking sessions. And there's a lot of those during the school year.


SEE!? She's totally not watching videos, she's laughing at the incredibly long and stressful night she's about to have taking 25 pages of notes for her upcoming Series 5 Calculus test. We're glad we were able to make that long all-nighter a bit more comfortable.


You know what we can't stand? Having to stay up at all hours of the night lurched over a book, in a totally NOT comfy position. Why can't we be comfy when we read? Our Support is one of the most popular items we sell, and we think it'll make those long sitting sessions all the more comfy for you and your back. Prop it up on a couch, a bed, the floor, or on top of your Max and you'll be on cloud 9 in no time!



We're going to leave you with one more Back to School product from Yogibo that we think is going to rock those socks right off your feet. Our Zipparoll is JUST the thing you need when you're sitting for hours on end in the lecture hall or classes. Seriously, those classroom chairs can be like murder on your tush, and the Zipparoll is perfect as a cushion for your bottom or for your back. Want it to be a comfy back cushion for leaning back in the chair?
Just unzip this sucker and you've got comfy awesomeness. Trust us, Zipparoll's got your back!



And there's just a few ideas to get those Back to School creative juices flowing. Don't dread the school year, be excited and open to all the exciting opportunities that are sure to come knocking, and Yogibo will be there along the way to provide fun, comfy ways to make those study nights all the easier.

For more Back to School shopping options, check out our Back to School page at Yogibo.com