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Can you believe it's already the last remaining days of October? Halloween is like...right around the corner and we're not even in full spooky-mode yet! We haven't even dusted off our skeletons or moved our demon masks up from the demon-mask-room in the basement, what's WRONG with us? Even though it's been a mild Fall thus far, we all know that within a few short weeks the days are going to become just as cold as the nights. And as we get chillier and sitting on the couch under a nice blanket becomes the norm, the word that continues to pop up is:


Be it a cup of tea or a warm pair of knit socks, we crave comfiness in these colder months. And boy have we got a treat for you! Yogibo has the PERFECT line up of products to take you from 0-11 on the comfy scale. Below you'll find a few of our most popular Aromatherapy products to get you in that zen state of mind :)


Miss Bliss Weighted Aromatherapy Blanket   $49 

We've already covered the myriad of benefits to be found in weighted therapy in a previous blog post, and the Miss Bliss is a tough item to beat when it comes to sheer comfort. With soothing lavender and peppermint aromas, popping this bad boy in the microwave will be the first thing you do after a long day at work. Cloud 9 here we come!


Backmeister   $29

You know what totally sucks? Having to rake leaves every other day of the week in the Autumn months. Seriously, STAY ON THE TREES or at the very least IN MY NEIGHBOR'S YARD! So you've finally finished and you go inside and what totally kills? YOUR BACK! Have no fear, our Backmeister is just the ticket to comfort you need. Heat this sucker up and tie it around your waste, shoulders, lower back, arm, leg, wherever the pain is. With soothing aromas of cinnamon, clove and eucalyptus and it's signature muscle relaxing heat therapy we guarantee you'll be out raking leaves again in no time. Wait....that totally sounds lame. We guarantee you'll be sitting watching the game with no pain in NO TIME!


Stressless   $25

Without question, the Stressless neck warmer is our most popular aromatherapy product and for good reason! We weren't content making a simple warmer that you can pop onto a shoulder and then have to swap between shoulder sides. Nah. That's bush-league and Yogibo aint about that lifestyle. No we went a step beyond. Our Stressless can easily cover your entire shoulder and neck area, so all that lovely heat is distributed evenly to make sure you're feeling more free and relaxed in no time. And it smells like herbs, peppermint and lavender too so you'll be drifting off to sleep or to a better plain of reality in no time.

And there you have just a few items from our Aromatherapy Line to get you PERFECTLY ready for those cool fall days ahead. Just don't blame us for the lost time when you nap like a baby constantly ;)