2015 Resolutions We resolve to be even more awesome

Resolutions, goals and declarations are filling up your Facebook feed as we begin 2015. From weight loss to camel riding, you can find New Year’s Resolutions everywhere, and Yogibo is no different! In 2014 we expanded shipping to Canada, opened new stores, launched our Zoola line and invited a new friend into the fold, Hugibo! It was a great year, and as we look to 2015 we are thrilled to see where it will take us.

One of the most exciting things of last year was the release of Yogibo.biz! This new site lets your company stand out from the competition by combining the awesomeness of Yogibo with your brand to create a memorable solution to traditional marketing. There is a wide range of our products to choose from to fit your needs. Don’t hesitate to make 2015 great for your company!

Our footprint is growing! No, we don’t need new

shoes but we might be opening a store near you! With 4 new stores in 2014, this year we are planning even more. We are looking to expand into the Mid-Atlantic area in 2015! After that who knows, Manifest Destiny!

This year we brought you Hugibo, the Zoola indoor/outdoor line, the Nap X & Tablo X, expanded colors choices and more. Are you excited to see what we can come up with in 2015? We are stoked to share with you and bring more comfort to every aspect of your life. For example, we will soon introduce Lukso, a new collection of bedding products. And back by overwhelming demand will be the most wanted blanket on earth, Cozybo, with an improved design. Don’t worry, there’s more coming in 2015, but we wanted to give you a little peek.

Yogibo is really all about you! Tell us what you think would make your life more Yogiawesome or where you think we should go next!

So what will 2015 bring you? What are you excited about? Did you get a piggy bank to save up for a big vacation or the Yogibo Lounge set you have been dreaming of? We really couldn’t do it without you! A big thank all of our fans and customers for living Yogibo with us, let’s make 2015 the best or at least better than 2014!