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  1. Yogibo-The Best Gaming Chair

    With PAX East this week it's only fitting we once again rep the customizability of our furniture as the be all end all of comfort for those long multiplayer sessions. As gamers, we're used to sitting in your standard desk chair or couch. Both of which, over time, can be pretty dang uncomfortable or expensive. Sometimes even both! It also doesn't...
  2. Travel Season=The Travel Pillow

    Travel Season=The Travel Pillow
    We spend a good amount of time on this blog talking a mean game about the comfiest furniture you will literally ever find on this Earth (we can't speak much for Saturn's moon Titan or the surface of Mars though). Today we want to spend a 'lil time and focus on another area of comfort that is too often overlooked...
  3. Spring Cleaning & Yogibo

    Spring Cleaning & Yogibo
    Well, it's that time of year again! SPRING TIME! Yeah, yeah...technically we have 16 more days but here at Yogibo HQ we're stoked and we don't care what the man says about the actual first day. So stick that in your garden and grow it! With Spring also comes the obvious Spring Cleaning and it doesn't always mean scrubbing the...

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