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  1. Holiday Gift Guide: SECRET SANTA GIFTS!

    Holiday Gift Guide: SECRET SANTA GIFTS!
    StressLess: While we're on the topic of soothing aromatherapy, we can't pass up an opportunity to talk about the StressLess shoulder wrap. Plain-Jain-Run-Of-the-Mill-Dime-Store neck warmers don't cover nearly enough space on your shoulders and they weigh as much as a baby bird. Not our StressLess! This piece of cozy magic is sure to cover the whole region of your shoulders...
  2. Holiday Gift Guide: Under $100

    Holiday Gift Guide: Under $100
    Yogabo: If we had a head of lettuce and a cruton for every time we felt lazy sitting at our office desk chair all day well....we'd be able to eat a big salad for like...a YEAR. Well worry not, gluteus maximus the Yogabo is here! This ergonomic ball isn't just for core workouts on a yoga mat in the basement...
  3. Holiday Gift Guide: $100-$200

    Holiday Gift Guide: $100-$200
    The Yogibo Short: Maybe you're aware of how rad the Max is but you just want something slightly more compact and just a TEENSY-WEENSY bit smaller. Have no fear, our Short is here and in no...a-hem...SHORT supply! The Short is a bit smaller than the Max, at 4'2"H x 2'6"W so it's just as comfy if not a tad smaller...
  4. Holiday Gift Guide: $250+

    Holiday Gift Guide: $250+
    The World-Famous Yogibo Max: Our top seller and the product that we're most known for. It's the only furniture on the market to completely mold to the user's body with zero pressure points. It's 6 feet of pure comfy goodness, and can stretch out to 8 feet of pure comfy AWESOMENESS. Stand this sucker up when you're done and it takes...

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