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  1. Yogibo FIDGETING!

    Yogibo FIDGETING!
    Ever been in a meeting and one of your legs just starts tapping like a jackhammer? Sitting in school, work, at a restaurant, anywhere and you need to tap your finger? If so then you are like millions of Americans who simply don't prefer to sit still. Fidgeting! Psychological studies have shown that certain individuals will unconsciously look for means...
  2. Yogibo Celebrates Mother's Day!

    Yogibo Celebrates Mother's Day!
    Today thru Monday the 15th, we're happy to offer our Mother's Day Sale! Save 15% for mom on all merchandise both in store and online using code MOTHERSDAY  For a lot of us, mom isn't just the person who cuts the crust off of your peanut butter and jelly sandwich or tucks you in at night after you stayed up...

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