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  1. Our Youngest Fans!

    Our Youngest Fans!
    We've been so fortunate to have so many fans and friends across the globe that connect with our products. One of the things we're most proud of here at Yogibo HQ is that our products are purchased, enjoyed and loved by people of all ages! Whether you're just starting to walk, just starting to run or just starting to take...
  2. The Yogibo Study Guide!

    The Yogibo Study Guide!
    Well, here we are! More than half way thru the month of September. And oh how the norm has changed: homework, tests, mountains of school books, the list goes on!  And you always end up studying at the kitchen table or at your desk on an uncomfortable chair where you can't be engrossed in the lesson because you're engrossed in getting a...
  3. Hugibo's Yogibo Crash Course!

    Hey all you awesome people! Hugibo here, we're super close to launching my solo website so today I decided to get to know you all better by reading some Yogibo fan mail. And it looks like we have some here! Let's see... *struggles to rip open letter* Okay! This first one comes from Papa Georgio in Chicago. Papa Georgio writes- Papa Georgio, two things...

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