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  1. Cozybo Returns - Wrap Yourself In Awesome!

    Cozybo Returns - Wrap Yourself In Awesome!
    Why do we need blankets? There is an obvious answer to that – to get warmer.  But there are also so many people that can’t fall asleep or even read while on a couch without a blanket. People love being wrapped up in blankets. It’s even well documented that people will turn on a fan at full speed or blast...
  2. PAX East 2015 Recap

    PAX East 2015 Recap
    One of the best ways we see Yogibo used is with gamers. By making very comfortable furniture that is also modular, we’re letting gamers choose the setup that works best for them. With all of the great feedback we receive from gamers, it was only appropriate we show it to a big audience. What better place than in our own...

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